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The essential effects of balneotherapy and spa at home

The whirlpool bathtub can be placed against a wall, or positioned in the center of the bathroom, or even embedded at ground level in a formwork. Oval or rectangular, it envelops you for a relaxing or invigorating bath. Dorsal and side nozzles alternately diffuse air or water. In some whirlpool baths, the oxygen-enriched air bubbles make the skin very soft. As an option, the faucet that diffuses water in cascade accentuates the feeling of well-being. High-end models have an intuitive touchscreen keypad for programming the order of the jets. With the Vitalité whirlpool bath from Kinedo, take advantage of the lateral, plantar and lumbar rotating nozzles, all of which can be adjusted, 2 dorsal ramps, 3 central dorsal injectors and 15 peripherals… and its palpate-roll kit.


The latest hydromassage trends

The virtues of hydrotherapy are numerous and act on our body to relieve muscle pain, nerve endings, atypical skin ... In the bathroom, each member of the family expects something different from his shower: play, relaxation, massage… This is why you can choose shower combinations equipped with a hand shower, a head canopy and, why not, recessed side jets so that everyone can experience their own instant shower.

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